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One of the fields of ĐĐ Montaža – Izolak is delivery and installation of waterproofing materials for which we use waterproofing tape Protan produced by Norwegian factory PROTAN A/S.

Protan A/S is the lead manufacturer of roof coverings in Scandinavia with over 24mil2 installed. We started delivering and installing Protan tapes in 2002 and since then we have successfully installed thousands square feet of it. Waterproofing tape Protan is quick to prepare and easy to install.

Waterproofing tape Protan can endure extreme temperatures and effects of accumulated water and of the sun. It is also very durable, over 25 years.

When installing Protan waterproofing tape, you don't have to use solvents or adhesives and its surface is processed to prevent slipping. Protan is also self-extinguishing and protects buildings from roof fires. It can be used on old and new buildings and is suitable for most types of roofs: straight, oblique or rounded.

Protan SE lining consists of three main components, which together make a strong, homogeneous material:
• Surface layer is from limber PVC, available in different colors with rough, non-slipping surface.
• The core is from knitted polyester fibers
• Lower layer is from PVC with black coating


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