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Thermal insulation is integral part of all energetic and industrial plants for many years. The main objective of the thermal insulation in the industrial and power plants is to reduce the loss of heat and prevent injuries of people who work there and use the object. In recent years, thermal insulation has become integral part of all constructions. The role of insulation in the modern world becomes priceless.Thermal insulation is becoming an increasingly important factor in energetic, industry and construction buildings. It is necessary to protect all external constructions – in accordance with the law.

ĐĐ Montaža Izolak is engaged in designing, production, delivery and installation of thermal insulation in industrial and energy sector, but also in the field of architecture for many years.

Our thermal insulation is produced and delivered in accordance with the following standards:
• VDI 2055 "Wärme- und Kälteschutz für betriebs- und haustechnische Anlagen” – March 1982
• VDI 2055 Entwurf "Wärme- und Kälteschutz für betriebs- und haustechnische Anlagen” – September 1992
• AGI Q 132 "Mineralwolle als Dämmstoff für betriebstechnische Anlagen” – May 1995
• DIN 18421 – Thermal insulation works on the technical facilities.
• DIN 18165 – Fibrous insulation materials for construction.
• DIN 4140 – Insulation of operating and technical equipment.

As insulating material, depending on the investors demand and the purpose of insulation (hot or cold insulation) we are using the following materials:
• Mineral wool
• Glass wool
• Ceramic wool
• Polyurethane wool
• Foamglass
• Various types of flexible materials with closed cell structure that prevent diffusion of water vapor.

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