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For the needs of our clients, we have about 30,000 m² of scaffolding type Alfix module multi and Layher Allround. We are dealing with a complete scaffolding service, which includes: organization, installation and dismantling. In this regard, the safety and protection of employees are the highest priority. This is why we continuously improve the system of prevention of work injuries and illnesses, training and awareness on the importance of the quality of safety at work. By regular assessments of the dangers and the measures it takes to minimize dangers, the company shows a high level of employees´ protection at their workplaces.

All workers are professionally and safely trained for work. By regular medical examinations, we take care of the work ability and health of our workers. We insist on compliance with all the rules on occupational safety.

The ALFIX scaffold meet all the required standards and safety guidelines, comply with DIN EN 12810/12811 regulations for scaffolding systems and are approved by the German Institute of Construction. Our product range offers you the adequate solutions and is compatible with many scaffolding systems that are on the market today.

Security, speed and versatility are at the core of the Layher Allround scaffolding system. With each product application, each design is compatible with a comprehensive list of additional equipment and appliances. The Allround Rosette offers versatile installation - in every direction.