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Important aspect of our work is the design, delivery and installation of all types of refractory and chamotte materials.

Design, supply, erection and dismantling of refractory material we perform during:
• Repairs,
• Construction,
• Maintenance.

Our most important references are in:
• Power plants,
• Cement factories
• Oil refineries

During execution, delivery and installation we use domestic and foreign materials. Refractory materials must be resistant to temperatures up to 1000 degrees, depending on the place of installation. Refractory materials for boiler must be selected and mesured to prevent the passage of heat, thus lowering the temperature and protecting the mechanical parts of the boiler from the effects of high temperatures.

We use different types of refractory materials:
• Refractory bricks
• Insulating bricks
• Refractory concrete
• Insulating concrete.

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